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‘A brilliant evening of theatre in every way  Thrilling direction, luminous lighting, perfect costumes and 11 performances  from area actresses that were worthy of Broadway. Each found the undertow of sadness and vulnerability in these characters, as well as the sometimes savage, always electric humor that gave the piece its very heart.

This is simply one of the best evenings of theatre I’ve seen this year.

The actresses....Linda Spence, Aimee Kessler-Evans, Lisa Drupsteen, Nectaria Bogdanis, Alexandra Chappell, Dia Gupta Frid, Lucy Ellis, Esther Chung, Zakiya Toby-Erwig and Ilene Elkaim    could not be better.

Oh, what a night!’  - Gary Smith, Theatre and Dance Critic for the Hamilton Spectator



Was fortunate enough to have been an audience member at this remarkable show this past Saturday. An amazing array of ladies simply “talking with” us the audience. As an actor who was trained strongly in how to protect that fourth wall and what was behind it, it was so refreshing and at the same time a little intimidating to watch these lovely ladies breaking it comfortably and deliberately. And there within sharing things about themselves while holding up un intended mirrors to us. There wasn’t one monologue that I couldn’t take a piece of me from. It was beautiful! So many things to say. But darn I’m not the reviewer. But I will say hopes, dreams, reality, all put out there for we and our choices. Well done!

Thank you Dia for the tickets and for your oh so very poignant performance …from the moment your smile lit up that stage and the dark theatre, (and did it ever!) to the moment that last lamp was distinguished… I couldn’t take my eyes from your amazing portrayal. Yo darling, saw you for the first time in 43 years a couple weeks ago… and then found myself watching one of your masterpieces a couple weeks later. Thank you honey! Hope we can work together soon. Thank you to everyone involved for a lovely afternoon in the theatre                  - Judy Skinner



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